Space Club

Saturday Night Techno, House & RNB

Welcome to Space Melbourne: The Ultimate Nightclub Experience

Step into Space Melbourne, the epitome of a Melbourne nightclub for dance enthusiasts. Our expansive dance club spans over three distinct rooms, each immersing you in its own unique atmosphere and sonic experience. Here at Space Melbourne, we transcend the confines of reality, stretching the limits of what you thought possible.

At Space Melbourne, everyone is embraced with open arms and encouraged to unleash their true selves, creating an inclusive haven for self-expression, community building, and a celebration of diverse cultures, all united by the power of music. Platform One pulsates with the heartbeat of dance and electronic melodies, carrying you through an unforgettable musical journey that extends into the early morning hours.

Proudly hosting an array of international and local talent, Space Melbourne is the home of dance and electronic music in the CBD. Join us at Space Club, where the world’s best artists converge to create a pulsating and electrifying dance experience.

🌌 Celebrate Your Birthday at Space Melbourne 🌌

Space Club offers Melbourne’s best birthday package, catering to everyone wanting to celebrate with their friends in a positive and fun environment. Make your birthday a cosmic blast at Space Melbourne, Melbourne’s top nightclub destination. Seeing is believing. Join us at Space Melbourne and let the dance floor be your launching pad into the infinite universe of beats and melodies. Embrace the extraordinary, for here at Space Melbourne, the sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning of an epic dance voyage.

Get lost in SPACE with our 3 unique rooms offering different sounds, with each room taking you into a new dimension.

Booth & Birthday Packages

1x Belvedere 700ML (or any premium)
5x Free Entries
Exclusive Bartender

1x Belvedere 700ML (or any premium)
1x Bottle of Wet Pussy
8x Free Entries
Exclusive Bartender

1x Belvedere 1.75L (or any premium)
2x Wet Pussy Bottles
10x Free Entries
Exclusive Bartender

1x Belvedere 3L (or any premium)
2x Bottle of Wet Pussy
1x Bottle of Moet
15x Free Entries
Exclusive Bartender

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